Saturday, 27 August 2011

A short update, back to the Prems.

7 weeks. That's what it is has been since my accident and it has been a mental effort knowing I've been missing out on a great deal of racing, particularly the local scene which I love. The local scene also means I can race without the expense and effort of travelling all the way to the north of the country!

So what's happened since? The first few weeks were forced rest, followed by surgery, followed by some more forced rest. Not ideal. A bit of spinning on the turbo, finally back on the road as I was just going out of my mind not feeling the wind in my face and the blood pumping through my legs. Back on the road, the fitness was lost but the sensations were good. After piecing together some solid rides I took on the Worcester News RR 2 weeks ago, a 125km race in the flatlands. Bit of a disappointing performance there, but to an extent it was to be expected.

Present day, and tomorrow I will be racing a Premier Calendar race, the inaugural Twinings ProAm. A 160km road race alongside the best professionals in the UK, with all the usual teams such as Rapha Condor, Motorpoint, Endura et al. This means some tough racing, on a tough course (apparently multiple times up a 15% climb, nice) to test my fitness. Shall we see how the sensations are in real racing?

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