Monday, 25 July 2011

A rather big hiccup compared to a tragedy.

3 weeks ago 2 things happened. First of all the greatest cycling race began, Le Tour de France. I had hoped to be inspired to better race performances during this time, along with the trials and tribulations of the greatest riders in the world. It wasn't to be, I was knocked off my bike a few days into the race breaking my collarbone in the process, along with a heavy case of road rash!
Wiggins with a broken collarbone, stage 7
Oddly enough Britain's best hope for a podium position on the GC, Bradley Wiggins was involved in a crash that broke his cllarbone also just 3 days later. The same man I'd be racing against just a couple weeks earlier at the National Championships, where he had won. He went for surgery to get it plated, his Tour de France over. I too went for surgery, believing my racing for the time being was over.

Okay, this is bad. Devastating for both him and I but I have come to a realisation these past couple days. In Norway a 32 year old man went on a shooting and bombing rampage which killed over 90 people. Whatever personal sadness my accident has given me, it is nothing in comparison what these people and their families have gone through. What a reality check. It is difficult to put into words what to say about such a tragedy performed by a clearly sick and twisted man, although it is cliched my heart truly goes out to those affected.
Memorial ceremony in Oslo for the deceased
Amy Winehouse is a singer who divides opinion, with her off the rails lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. She wouldn't go to rehab, and has passed away also. It would appear that her death has become bigger news than a mass murder, which in some ways is a bit of a shame. However, we shouldn't be ranking one tragedy over another. Some say she brought it upon herself, whereas those in Norway were innocents who had no choice in the matter. All I can say is one one life lost is just as tragic as another, but the internet is a place of opinions and there have been arguments that her death is nothing in comparison. I don't admire her choices in life, but at the same time it's unfair to be hurtful to those who have passed, no matter the circumstances. My heart goes out to all those that have lost their life this week.

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