Friday, 6 May 2011

Bad Luck Strikes!

The past few weeks have seen me raising the level of racing. First off racing in my 1st UCI race (Rutland-Melton), followed by my 1st Premier Calendar (Tour DoonHame) meant I would be working much harder to be competitive.
At the start of Rutland-Melton UCI 1.2
Rutland-Melton was just one of those days where being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end your race. The 1st hour consisted of every team trying to get their riders to the front before entering the narrow roads reminiscent of the Belgian cobbled classics. Seemed to be doing pretty well but found myself behind at the crucial moment, followed by getting caught behind a crash meant the front 80 riders pulled away whilst I made my way through the fallen riders. Tried to chase back on but just burnt myself out, race over. Probably should have finished but after suffering 2 weeks with a cold I just wasn't feeling my best.

Rain soaked peloton just behind in Scotland
Tour DoonHame was interesting, great weather preceeding but Stage 1 was greeted with heavy rain and temperature in single digits. Here I found myself much more in tune with what the peloton was doing, 85km in and I was comfortable in the front 30 riders. Suddenly I hit a rut and my front tyre was running flat, all I could do was stop and wait for the neutral service car. However it wasn't until the very last car in the convoy that I was given a replacement. Disappointing, but somewhat expected when you are riding for one of the minor teams in the race. Being 2 minutes down on the bunch already I had a depressing 50km ride back to the finish, soaked through to the point I was shivering so badly I could barely keep my bike straight! Stage 2 didn't get off to a great start, again my body was feeling the effects of the previous day. Combined with another puncture I lost heart in continuing to race. I finished the stage but decided not to sign on for Stage 3.

Totnes-Vire stage 2, prior to mechanical issue
Back home for Totnes-Vire the following weekend...well we won't talk about that one too much. A good start in the opening 8km hilly TT where I came 8th in a time of 9.36. Stage 2 and 3 were marred by mechanicals, probably not the best reflection on myself and somewhat embarrassing. Still I will take away from interesting experiences from the same! This weekend it's off to Lincoln GP (Premier Calendar) to take on the infamous cobbled climbs.


  1. Unlucky mate its just one of those things. All experience at the end of the day, no doubt most riders have had something similar eh? Chin up mate at least things can only improve from what seems to have been a bit of a bad streak =).

  2. You're earning money, plenty of people out there aren't! Never forget that!