Saturday, 28 May 2011

Adaptation, it's never easy.

Bike racing. It's a team sport.

Yeah, I realise this is the essence of our great sport. A lone rider against a sea of well drilled cyclists is always fighting a losing battle. I know I've upset one or two people in my team switching recently but I felt it was the best move for me, especially when you seem to be falling out with a friend over your hobby. Strange turn of events but that's how it goes I guess.

So with a couple weeks in limbo I've moved to Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago. Definitely very happy about this, and I seem to have repaired most of the bridges once more. Still need to chill out sometimes though! I know sometimes my temper in a race gets in the way and I end of dishing out a few comments that are short-sighted at best. Would just like to let anyone I've offended know that I generally don't mean it!

Anyway, forget the negative because there's no need to look back, just forward. The South West Road Race Championships was fun, some nice hills (gotta' love a gradient!) combined with a wind meant it was never going to be easy. An early break of 12 stayed away all day, myself and Chris Opie representing Pendragon. Was hoping to form a small breakaway myself but it wasn't to be, and after lots of attacks in the closing stages gave Chris and I 4th and 5th respectively.

Thursday night was the 2nd round of the Halfords Tour Series, held in Aberystwyth. A disappointing 1st round in Durham was remedied by a stellar performance from the team. Chris Opie pulled off a 2nd place, and the team coming 3rd overall - very strong result against the all the country's top teams.

Last night was great, staying local and becoming a spectator instead of an athlete was welcome change for once. The Shred Classic up on the Plymouth Hoe tested the best of the South West's 2/3/4 Cats in a heat/final format, in much finer weather than last year's event! Great race, unfortunately marred by a few crashes. My best wishes to those that are recovering with road rash today. Jake Durant won the final heat after a lone breakaway, great race from him. The post-race party...well, the least said the better! A very good night, but too much drink meant headaches in the morning from a few of those involved!

Monday I'll be racing at Totnes, for our local version of the technical town centre racing found in the Tour Series. I can't wait to try out a different style of racing!

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