Friday, 8 April 2011

Rough times and learning how to avoid an argument.

The past few weeks have been rough times, with a mechanical at the Severn Bridge RR and just generally not feeling very well at the Evesham Vale RR morale hasn't been the best. A 5th place at Ilton was satisfactory, if unspectactular. When you make a break of 5 and come 5th it's not exactly the best result!

Managed to redeem myself somewhat 2 weeks ago at Portreath, where I gained a 3rd place. A few team issues in the race meant the possible 1st or 2nd a failure. However it's undertandable, in the early season there can be miscommunication between the team riders so I'm not too worried. The issue was post race there were words said, mostly in the heat of the moment. With the adrenaline rushing it's never the best time to start voicing your opinion...arguments ensued and I became quite mentally strained, lacking motivation with all that was going on. The details of personal issues are best kept to ourselves, but I will say these weren't the best of times.
Portreath, eventually came 3rd behind 2 Pendragon riders.
Dengie Marshes was to be the next race in order, but with more arguments meant I didn't make it up there. Massively disappointed with this as it would have been a high level competition and a very tough race, but I usually prefer a race where the pace is kept high. Currently in talks with how best to sort our issues, my mediocre performances haven't helped my position. We shall see how the next few days go.

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