Friday, 8 April 2011

Change always leads to optimism.

With my last post being a bit of a downer, I've been soul-searching to find out where I've been going wrong. First things first was to re-connect with the team, and through a few thorough talks I feel we are going in the right direction once again. Discovering what type of training it was I really needed to be doing was a biggie, when you really think about it it's all well and good doing lots of hours on the bike but it's a waste of time if you aren't getting the quality! I've re-evaluated my schedule and now I know what's to be done, much more confident now!

As well as the training side I've been trying to balance things out by socialising with more than just cyclists! Managed to head out with Rich and the TFS lads for a random day out round Plymouth and of course the obligatory trip to Spoons! Class banter guys. Plus some football out in the sun with Matt & Megan was an ideal way to chill out, no need for me to get so worked up over such trivial things.

Motivated head is back on my shoulders, it needed to! This weekend I'm heading up to South Wales for the Betty Pharoah Memorial race, some strong riders including Team UK Youth, including Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt, plus Wiler/GoSelfDrive and Cyclepremier/Metaltek. Nice lumpy course so should be a fun race, ideal for getting my love of racing back! Will keep you updated.

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